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New Swear-In’s

We are beyond excited that our two new staff members, Paige Baker and Natalie Pugh, have both been sworn in at the Oldham County Court House. The Oath being said by Paige and Natalie and all incoming CASA volunteers states that:

“I will faithfully execute the duties of a Court Appointed Special Advocate…preserve the confidentiality of any and all information received, holding all such matters in strictest confidence, to be divulged only in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the courts, and then, only in the furtherance of the best interests of the child or children. And I furthermore promise and pledge that as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, in carrying out my duties as such, the paramount concern will be the best interests of the child or children to whom I may be assigned.”

Pictured above left to right: Natalie Pugh, Director of Advocacy, Judge Carry Baker, Paige Baker, Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Training

Pictured above: Natalie Pugh and Paige Baker swearing in to become a Great Plains CASA Staff Member.